Unlimited pages plugin

Unlimited Pages Plugin

The unlimited pages plugin is build to create new leadgeneration sites quickly. With this plugin you can set an existing page as a page template and use variables to make it unique for every url you want.

You can create a template that can be filled in with every search term or location. If there isn’t an existing page for a given url then the url will be used as a variable.

Unlimited pages options

Within the plugin settings you can set the base template and a url prefix.

Choose a base template

The base temple is a page you created before. You can edit the page however you want with the unique shortcodes provided. They’ll give you the words used in the current url in a nice and readable way.


The ‘prefix url’ is a word or term used before the variable url. Because of this you can use for example /webdesigners/new-york as a url by setting webdesigners as the prefix url.

Download this plugin

Currently were still testing the plugin. When it’s fully tested it will be available for € 29,- excl. Tax

Interested in the plugin? Please send me a message at tim@websitescanner.io

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