How to remove microdata (schema markup) from a WordPress website

When using WordPress there are a lot of themes and plugins each with their own schema. Removing schema can be difficult.

Plugins generating schema markup

First thing you should know is which plugin or theme generates the schema? If it’s a plugin that you can easily disable without affecting your site too much then that would be the ideal solution.

If that is not the case look if there is an option within the plugin settings to disable the schema markup.

WordPress themes generating schema

If it’s the theme that has schema markup check in the settings if there is an option to disable the schema. If this is not possible the best solution is to create a child theme without microdata. An alternative is to use the remove schema plugin.

Remove all Microdata with the Remove Schema plugin

Another solution to solve this issue is to use the Remove Schema plugin. The plugin has an option to remove all microdata in you whole site. Theres also an option in the page editor to remove microdata from a single page.

Remove Schema WordPress plugin
Plugin for removing schema/structured data that other plugins and themes generate.
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